The homepage “” is one of 3 sister homepages. The other two are and . All the 3 pages are under construction, so please bear with them, when you find them incomplete.

The 3 homepages are combined as a gateway to resources about different variants of sociocracy – presently:

SCM. “The Sociocracy Circle Method”, invented and defined in the 1970’es by the dutchman Gerard Endenburg. The name in Dutch is “Sociocratisch Kringorganisatie Methode” – Dutch (and Danish) abbreviation “SKM”.

Holacracy. An american variant originated around 2000 by the american Brian Robertson. Based on SCM, but with very essential changes in the SCM core. Addition: David Allen’s “Getting things Done”

Sociocracy 3.0 (S3). Launched in 2015 originated by James Priest (British) and Bernhard Bockelbrinck (German). Based on SCM, inspired by holacracy, NVC (Marshall Rosenbergs “Non Violent communication”) and other sources.

SoFA Sociocracy for All. Launched in (?). An american flavour, originators (Ted Rau and Jerry Koch-Gonzalez) which is basically SCM with some additions from NVC and some independent developments.

Organic Organisation (O2). A Brazilean development, based on Holacracy and S3 with a few novelties of its own.

The main purpose of this gateway is to support the idea, that the sociocracy variants are – although different – not separate or opposites, but inspiring, different strategies the understanding of which can clarify very deep understandings of human collaboration and conflict.

This homepage maintains, that the word “sociocracy” is an inclusive term, that holds all the systems above and then some more to come; however it is not limitless. So what does it take for an organisation to qualify as sociocracy? This homepage attempts to explore this by acknowledging the best of all the systems.

An aspect of the purpose is to prevent and heal splittings in the sociocracy network in Denmark, like those that have been seen some places in the international network.